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Dear future customer,

Since 1987, we’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of families across Michigan live more comfortably knowing they have a secure roof above their head. Mark Eicholtz, has been working on roofs since he has been a teenager with the family business before starting Big Ike’s Roofing at age 21. It was a humble beginning for Mark but he persevered with 3 things in mind that has brought him to where Big Ike’s is today:


Dedicated to being an innovator in the industry, and constantly focused on providing the highest quality roofs and repairs.


Always striving to deliver the best possible roof value to each of our customers on their expectations.


Building Big Ike’s Roofing Co. doing the right thing for the right reason.

At Big Ike’s Roofing we come to work everyday in knowing that we can make a big difference in someone’s life by protecting them with shelter or increasing their home in value. We treat customers home’s as if it is our own. To this day Mark continues to be a working owner in the field making sure every project is done on time and quality inspected.

We believe there is a better way to do roofing. A more valuable, less messy, better service way where customers are earned rather than bought. Mark is passionate about it this statement, and our mission which is to constantly help people have

Better Homes. Better Prices. Better Service.

Best regards,


Mark Eicholtz

Owner, Big Ike’s Roofing Co

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